Adobe Photoshop Training Course

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  • Lectures 20
  • Quizzes 10+
  • Duration 25 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English/Hindi
  • Students 10
  • Assessments Yes


Adobe Photoshop Training Course
Adobe Photoshop is computer application software used to edit and use to digital images. It is the best software application which communicates you all the things needed for the critical information in the field of editing, creating and developing all the images on Photoshop. It develops the creativity of the person and channelizes the flow of ideas in the digital formats. We at Techonicia provide you the Best Photoshop Course in Satnali (MGRH) which will take you from total beginner level to the mater of Adobe Photoshop CC in super less time. Adobe Photoshop is a powerful application for photo and image editing that is regarded as the techonicia of professionally creating digital pictures. This is called the best software in the field for production. It should be noted that this is not a drawing system. Photoshop may be used for scrape building original images and graphics, but natural problems and restrictions exist. In this type of work, Photoshop is not intended for use. It's basically a tool for image editing and not a tool for design. Asset exports are efficient with the single click Quick export option for exporting design to SVG, JPEG and PNG. The Adobe is used by Creative Cloud Libraries to make the availability of assets and a simple task in the suitable format. Asset exports are streamlined with the single click Quick export option for exporting design to SVG, JPEG and PNG.

Career Visions

Graphic designers, multimedia artists and photographers can enhance their careers by learning the particulars of the world’s top image-editing software.
  • Photoshop Designer
  • Art director
  • Graphic Designer
Course Modules:
  • Navigating Photoshop
  • Image Dimensions & Resolution
  • Color Modes | RGB/CMYK/Grayscale
  • Raster vs Vector
  • Workspace, Tools & Interfaces
  • Understanding Rulers, Guides & Grids
  • Start Working on Layers
  • Check Canvas Size & Resolution
  • Set Background/Foreground Colors
  • Work on JPEG, PNG & Other Formats
  • Save for Web & Other Devices
Image Editing
  • Adjusting Photos Brightness & Contrast
  • Cleaning up Face Imperfections
  • Working on Color Balance
  • Applying HDR Toning on Images
  • Convert Photos to Illustrations
  • Manipulating Photos as per Requirement
  • Save Photos As JPEG, PNG or GIF
  • Work on Paths & Pen Tool
  • Adding Text to Images
  • Removing People or Objects from Photo
  • Advance Tips & Shortcuts
  • Templates & Interfaces Design
  • Apps & Websites Design
  • Product Packaging/Printing
  • Managing Pen Tool & Shapes
  • Working on Layers & Channels
  • Wrapping Text & Other Properties
  • Creating Books/Magazines Cover Pages
  • Working on Actions & Batch Process
  • Hands on Experience of Live Projects