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  • Lectures25
  • Quizzes 5+
  • Duration 55 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English/Hindi
  • Students 10
  • Assessments Yes


Learn jQuery with Online Courses
Jquery is a Multi-browser Java script web based Applications. JQuery Training Design and develops web applications. We are charging very competitive in the market which helps to bring more JQuery professionals into this market. Our JQuery training course fee is very nominal which anyone can pay in part basis as well. We are having various class timings which suit everyone who wants to study in their own timings. Our JQuery training will be arranged in regular weekdays and weekends based on the students request. We do have fast track JQuery training and online JQuery training with one-to-one basis.

What do you need to be familiar with?

  • Web developers who need to get to grips with key jQuery functionality in order to develop web applications.
  • Knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Design and build rich interactive web applications.
  • Creating interactive user interface.
  • The jQuery library easy to use a page of HTML
jQuery Training Course Overview
  • What is jQuery ?
  • Adding the jQuery Library
  • Basic jQuery Example
  • Downloading jQuery
  • Alternatives to Downloading
  • jQuery Syntax
  • The Document Ready Function
  • How to use Custom Scripts?
  • Using Multiple Libraries
jQuery – Basics
  • String
  • Numbers
  • Boolean
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Arguments
  • Scope
  • Built-in Functions
jQuery – Selectors
  • jQuery – CSS Element Selector and ID Selector
  • jQuery – CSS Element Class Selector and Universal Selector
  • jQuery Callback Functions
jQuery – DOM Attributes
  • Get Attribute Value
  • Set Attribute Value
jQuery – DOM Traversing
  • Find Elements by index
  • Filtering out Elements
  • Locating Descendent Elements
  • JQuery DOM Traversing Methods
jQuery – CSS Methods
  • Apply CSS Properties and Multiple CSS Properties
  • Setting Element Width & Height
  • JQuery CSS Methods
jQuery – DOM Manipulation Methods
  • Content Manipulation
  • DOM Element Replacement
  • Removing DOM Elements
  • Inserting DOM elements
  • DOM Manipulation Methods
  • Binding event handlers
  • Removing event handlers
  • Event Types
  • The Event Object and Attributes
jQuery – Effects
  • JQuery Effect Methods, Hide and Show
  • jQuery Toggle
  • jQuery Slide – slideDown, slideUp, slideToggle
  • jQuery Fade – fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeTo
  • jQuery Custom Animations
jQuery – AJAX
  • load()
  • get()
  • post()
  • ajax()